It was great working with Cary.  He really took the time to listen to what our club was trying to accomplish and then he created a website that met each of those needs.  The site was professional and streamlined and our club has seen a significant increase in membership since establishing this site.  I can’t say enough about how great he was to work with and he continues to help our club with various media and digital projects.
Aaron O’Neal, President of Portland Society of Magicians
Before working with Cary, I had zip for a brand statement for the presentations I utilized for my workshops. Quite frankly, they sucked. Borrrring. Not anymore!  Cary provided the personal and creative bling I was looking for in messaging. What I loved most about working with Cary is that I was able to give him carte blanc to run with my vision.  (I didn’t have time to answer 50 questions.) Cary took my project and exceeded my expectations. Viola.  Now I have a smack-daddy, visually stunning presentation! Thank you, Cary!
Heidi Krause, LPEC
For two years as the manager of a music venue called Firecreek in Flagstaff, Arizona Cary Bluth was my go-to guy for anything that demanded technical precision, efficiency, and aesthetic charisma. He was our audio technician, our production manager, and our graphic designer. He is one of those rare individuals that while possessing the equanimity necessary to walk the tightrope of target markets and deadlines is still able to maintain a bright creative flare untroubled by the all-too-often uninspiring realities of art in business. His work is focused, practical, and captivating; his approach as a collaborator is attentive, patient, and determined; and his demeanor in the face of tension or disagreement (unavoidable in any fast-paced creative industry) is always level-headed, clear, and kind. Last but not least, his learning curve and ability to take direction are beyond excellent. He’d make an invaluable addition to any team lucky enough to have him.
David Strackany, Operations Coordinator at DevelopmentNow
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