Mark Quinn
Spot Illustration for Publication and Presentation
Mark and I completed an illustration project commissioned for his articles in tech. While I cannot reveal specifics about his work as of yet, we mainly worked to convey a progression in transportation tech to the user through allegory. The journey through the illustration represents the journey through time and scientific discovery, helping the reader take a long view of their place in the sequence of history. Below are shots from each development stage in the project.
"Cary has been a fantastic partner in this collaboration, delivering not only with his fantastic graphic design, but also with his approach and creativity to bring abstract ideas to life."

Mark Quinn, Head of Software Quality Operations at Waymo
Collected Illustrations
Some fan art I made of a character belonging to @kazebunto.
A commission for a fantasy screenplay.
Experimental piece combining photography and drawing.
A movie poster I dreamt up for a badass avocado.
Part of a series exploring murky shadows.
A commissioned portrait of my dear friend Gracey.
Inspired by the work of Briel Ba.
This illustration incorporated suggestions from friends on Instagram.
A pseudo-3D style I've started working in for commissions.
One of my favorite things to do is to take two styles and try and blend them together. That approach usually teaches me something and can make the piece more compelling. I work in both physical and digital media for illustration, it just depends on the project!
I’ve grown with the teams I’ve been part of the last few years, cultivating quality visual design and communication. I am creating every day, and love to see a collaborative project progress. I help people see their ideas clearly, so they can show the world their vision authentically. In my free time I love discovering new music and books, but nothing is more exciting than the next project concept. So if you could use a team effort, let’s talk!