PSM 2019 Fundraiser Flyer Design

Aaron and I teamed up to promote the annual PSM Fundraiser, a crucial event for introducing the club to new fans, clients and potential members. The show was featured at the unique outdoor PRISMAGIC theater this year, so we wanted a flyer concept to emphasize the venue atmosphere alongside the headliner performances. Additionally, the event would be ticketed through the PSM website, so we needed the graphic to work in print and on screen. We landed on this concept that creates a visual space akin to a theater, and features the ticket symbol as a call-to-action button online.
"It was great working with Cary.  He really took the time to listen to what our club was trying to accomplish and then he created a website that met each of those needs."
Aaron O’Neal, President of Portland Society of Magicians
Magic Jam Handbill

PSM promoted their club at the Portland Magic Jam this year, so they needed a custom handbill to help them spread the word. We focused on one of the main values of the club identity: sharing knowledge and skill between members. PSM exists to help its members improve their magic and build a community around that growth. The non-specific image of someone manipulating cards lets the viewer imagine themselves participating and improving. Then the URL gives them a next step for acting on that idea.
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